Areas of Study

Comparative Ethnic Studies


The study of race should be grounded in a deep understanding of the particular historical, social, economic, cultural, and political experiences of individual racialized groups as well as an analysis of the relationships among them.  Established in 1975, our Comparative Ethnic Studies (CES) program builds on and extends beyond the groups covered in our other majors by analyzing the multiple and intersectional ways in which groups are racialized, operate within and contest various forms of power, and build alliances. Collectively our faculty provide a wide range of interdisciplinary analyses across geographical areas, among various racialized peoples, and with other markers of social difference such as gender, class, and sexuality.  Our CES program enriches the study of individual racialized and indigenous groups and has long provided a model for the development of other Ethnic Studies departments across the country.

Faculty in Comparative Ethnic Studies

Thomas Biolsi, Professor
Governmentality; Indian Law & Policy; Race-Making
Keith P. Feldman, Associate Professor and Chair
Arab and Arab American Studies; Critical Race Theory; Cultural Theory; Cultures of US Imperialism; Diaspora Studies; Transnational American Studies; Visual Culture Studies
Salar Mameni, Assistant Professor
Christian Paiz, Associate Professor
Comparative Latino Studies; Historical Methods; Philippine and Filipino American Studies; Social Movement History; United States History
john a. powell, Professor of Ethnic Studies, African American Studies, and Law
Civil Rights & Civil Liberties; Democracy; Housing; Poverty; Structural Racism
Juana María Rodríguez, Professor
Critical legal theory; Latinx media and popular culture; LGBTQ activisms; Racialized gender and sexuality
Michael Chang, Lecturer
Administrative law; and culture; Asian American Studies; Civil rights; Critical Race Theory; Diaspora Studies; Education Law; Ethnic Studies; Law; Post-colonial Studies; Race
Greg Choy, Continuing Lecturer
Asian American literature; Comparative Multiethnic literature; Education pedagogy
Victoria Robinson, Continuing Lecturer & American Cultures Program Director

Affiliated Faculty in Comparative Ethnic Studies

Raúl Coronado, Associate Professor
Histories of sexuality & of the academic disciplines; Latina/o intellectual & literary history; The comparative history of writing in the colonial and 19th century Americas; Theories of modernity & postcolonialism