Affiliated Faculty

Lisa García Bedolla

Professor, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, Dean of the Graduate Division

Chicanx Latinx Studies

educational inequity, immigration/immigrant integration, intersectionality, political engagement, public policy

Graduate School of Education

Lisa García Bedolla

Bio & Interests

Lisa Garcia Bedolla uses the tools of social science to reveal the causes of educational and political inequalities in the United States, considering differences across the lines of ethnorace, gender, class, geography, et cetera. She believes an intersectional and interdisciplinary approach is critical to recognizing the complexity of the contemporary United States. She has published four books and dozens of research articles, earning five national book awards and numerous other awards. Dr. Bedolla has consulted for presidential campaigns and statewide ballot efforts and has partnered with over a dozen community organizations working to empower low-income communities of color. 


Dr. Lisa García Bedolla current projects:

  • A multi-year study of Integrated Voter Engagement efforts conducted by six community organizations in California (with Marisa Abrajano, UC San Diego); and the development of a multi-dimensional data system, called Data for Social Good, that can be used to track and improve organizing efforts on the ground
  • The creation of a university-based center (the Center on Democracy and Organizing) to support academics interested in conducting research in partnership with practitioners that centers addressing inequality (with Hahrie Han, Johns Hopkins University; and Taeku Lee, UC Berkeley)

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