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John J. Dougherty


Comparative Ethnic Studies, Native American Studies

PhD, Comparative Ethnic Studies, University of California-Berkeley, 2014



596 Barrows Hall

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Bio & Research Interests

John J. Dougherty is a Senior Fellow in Comparative Ethnic Studies at the University of California-Berkeley. Previously, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University and a faculty member in History and Environmental Studies at Reed College. He received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 2014.

At UC Berkeley, he was a University of California Dissertation Fellow and an affiliated scholar with the Institute for the Study of Social Issues, the Joseph A. Myers Center for Research on Native American Issues, and the Center for Race & Gender. He was also awarded the campus-wide Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award for teaching a yearlong seminar on indigenous histories of the North American West. 

His current book project, Flooded by Progress: Law, Natural Resources and Native Rights in the Postwar Pacific Northwest, is forthcoming from University of Washington Press. The book examines the shifting legal status of Native American lands, natural resources, and treaty rights in the Pacific Northwest from the 1940s to the present. An article from the book project was published in the academic journal, Western Legal History, in 2014.

Courses Taught

Ethnic Studies 10AC: History of Race and Ethnicity in the North American West

Ethnic Studies 11AC: Theories and Concepts in Comparative Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies 101A: Social Science Methods in Comparative Ethnic Studies

Native American Studies R1B: Reading and Composition

Native American Studies 20A: Introduction to Native American Studies

Native American Studies 71: Native Americans in North America to 1900

Native American Studies 72: Native Americans in North America from 1900 to present

Native American Studies 110: Theories and Methods (Spring 2022)

Native American Studies 178: Native Americans and the American West (Spring 2022)

Native American Studies 178: Native American Activism (Spring 2022)

Native American Studies 179: Indigenous Peoples and Environmental Change (Fall 2021)

Select publications

Dougherty, John J. “Talk the Language of the Larger World: Fishing Wars, Natural Resources, and the Birth of the Sovereignty Movement in the Postwar Pacific Northwest.” Western Legal History (2014). 

Awards & Honors

Stanford University Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2014-2016

University of California Dissertation Fellowship, 2013-2014

Oustanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, 2013