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john a. powell

Professor of Ethnic Studies, African American Studies, and Law

Comparative Ethnic Studies

Civil Rights & Civil Liberties, Democracy, Housing, Poverty, Structural Racism

University of Minnesota, Post-Graduate Human Rights Fellow, 1978-1980
University of California, Berkeley (Boalt Hall), Juris Doctor, 1973
Stanford University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Philosophy Minor, 1969

John powell


590 Barrows Hall


t: 510-643-0796

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Bio & Research Interests

john a. powell is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of civil rights and civil liberties and a wide range of issues including race, structural racism, ethnicity, housing, poverty, and democracy. In addition to being a Professor of Law and Professor of African American Studies and Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley, powell holds the Robert D. Haas Chancellor’s Chair in Equity and Inclusion. He is also the Director of the Othering and Belonging Institute, which brings together researchers, organizers, stakeholders, communicators, and policymakers to identify and eliminate the barriers to an inclusive, just, and sustainable society and to create transformative change toward a more equitable world. 

Prof.  powell has written extensively on a number of issues including structural racism, racial justice and regionalism, concentrated poverty and urban sprawl, opportunity based housing, voting rights, affirmative action in the United States, South Africa and Brazil, racial and ethnic identity, spirituality and social justice, and the needs of citizens in a democratic society.


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Select publications


Racing to Justice: Transforming Our Conceptions of Self and Other to Build an Inclusive Society. Indiana University Press. 2012.

In Pursuit of a Dream Deferred: Linking Housing and Education Polices (with Gavin Kearney and Vina Kay). New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2001.

The Rights of Racial Minorities: The Basic ACLU Guide to Racial Minority Rights -Young People’s Version (With L. McDonald). American Civil Liberties Union, 1998.

The Rights of Racial Minorities: The Basic ACLU Guide to Racial Minority Rights, 2nd ed. (with L. McDonald). The American Civil Liberties Union, 1993.

Book Chapters

Conclusion (with Jason Reece). Where Credit is Due: Bringing Equity to Credit and Housing After the Market Meltdown. Eds. Christy Rogers and john powell. Landam, MD: University Press of America/Hamilton Books, 2011.

“Reinterpreting Metropolitan Space as a Strategy for Social Justice.” Breakthrough Communities: Sustainability and Justice in the Next American Metropolis. Ed. Paloma Pavel. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2010.

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Articles and Essays

Homeownership, Wealth, & the Production of Racialized Space (with Kaloma Cardwell). Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University. Forthcoming 2013.

Commentary on 2013 Black-White Equality Index-A Theory of Change. The State of Black America 2013: Redeem the Dream: Jobs Rebuild America (2013).

How Implicit Bias and Structural Racialization Can Move Us Toward Social and Personal Healing. Center on Community Philanthropy at Clinton School of Public Service, University of Arkansas, (2013).

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Book Reviews

“The Housing Crisis: How Did We Get Here? Where Do We Go?” (with Jason Reece). Shelterforce. The Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Building, Fall/Winter 2009.

Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness: Memoir of a White Mother of Black Sons, by Jane Lazarre; Displacing Whiteness: Essays in Social and Cultural Criticism, edited by Ruth Frankenberg (With Marguerite Spencer.) Signs, Journal of Women in Culture and Society (Winter 2000).

Reports and Other Publications

“Transforming the Face of Housing: The Dynamics of Race, Class, and Housing Opportunity”(with Christy Rogers). Making the Case for Housing Choices and Complete Communities: The Next Generation. The Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc. September 2007.

Regionalism: Projection of its Impact on Cleveland’s African American Community (with Robert Bullard, Angela Glover Blackwell and Deeohn Ferris). The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity for The Presidents’ Council of Cleveland. May 2007.

The Geography of Opportunity: Austin Region (with Jason Reece and Samir Gambhir). The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity. March 2007.

Communities of Opportunity: A Framework for a more Equitable and Sustainable Future for All (with Samir Gambhir, Jason Reece and Christy Rogers). The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity. January 2007.

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“You Have the Right.” Syndicated Column. (1989-1993).