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Jesus Barraza, MA / MFA


Chicanx Latinx Studies

Conceptual Art, Contemporary Xicanx Art, Day of the Dead, Decolonial aesthetics, Indigeneity, Latinx Art, Mexican Modern Art, Movement Art, Printmaking, Social Practice, Spirituality

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Bio & Research Interests

Jesus Barraza, is a socially engaged artist, print maker, a leader in his community and teaches Xicanx Art History & Practice. As a socially engaged artist Barraza is best known for his prints & posters and has worked closely with numerous community organizations to create prints that visualize struggles for immigration rights, housing, education, and international solidarity. Printmaking allows Barraza to produce relevant images that can be put back into the hands of his community and spread throughout the world. He believes that through this work he plays a role in keeping the history of graphic art activism alive. His research interests include: Decolonial Theory, Chicana/o Art Movement, Xicanx Aesthetics and Art, Indigenous Aesthetics, Art & Spirituality, Decolonial Aesthetics, and Social Practice.

M.F.A., Social Practice, California College of the Arts

M.A., Visual & Critical Studies, California College of the Arts

B.A., Raza Studies, San Francisco State University

Courses Taught

CS 130 – MeXicana/o Art History, Thought, and Practice

CS 180 – Spirituality as Resistance: The Politics of Day of the Dead in meXicana/o Art Practice and Culture

CS 180AC – Art & Social Justice: Politics, Methods, and Practice for Community Based Work

CS 180 – Contemporary Xicanx/Latinx Art Production


Barraza, Jesus, and Melanie Cervantes. 2016. “Empujando Tinta: The Work and Politics of Dignidad Rebelde.” AZTLAN – A Journal of Chicano Studies, no. 2: 209.

Barraza, Jesus. 2018. “Signs of Solidarity: The Work of Dignidad Rebelde.” ASAP/Journal 3 (2): 208.

Barraza, Jesus. 2016. “Lowriding as Social Form: Anishinaabe Grandfather Teachings as Decolonial Vehicles of Resistance.” Sightlines Journal: 208.

Awards & Honors

• Oakland Leaf Artivist Award – 2017
• State of California Assembly Recognition, Dignidad Rebelde – 2016
• Piri Thomas & Suzie Dodd Cultural Activist Award – 2016
• Barclay Simpson Award – April 2015
• NACCS Community Recognition Award- April 2015
• Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Award – September 2014
• State of Calif. Senate Recognition – Dignidad Rebelde – Graphic Art Collective. – October 2010
• Exemplary Leadership Award – SFSU College of Ethnic Studies – October 2010
• Art is a Hammer – Award from the Center for Study of Political Graphics – October 2005