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Gregoria Rosa Grigsby-Olson

Latinx & Caribbean Studies, Cultural History & Geography, Queer Theory, Cultural Studies, Diaspora Studies, Critical Theory





Gregoria is broadly interested in race, sexuality, and empire, postcolonial cultures, diasporic and Indigenous epistemologies, and queerness and the archive. Her doctoral research focuses on the queer history of the U.S. occupation of the Panama Canal Zone. She holds a BA in History and Theater from UC Santa Cruz (2013), an MA in History from The University of Chicago (2017), and an MA in Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley (2020). She was raised in Oakland, California.


Raúl Coronado

Courses Assisted

Ethnic Studies 10AC: History of Race & Ethnicity in the North American West (Fall 2019)

Ethnic Studies 11AC: Introduction to Ethnic Studies (Fall 2020)