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Graduate Student Alumni

Marcelo Garzo Montalvo


Indigenous Science and Technology Studies

Mapuche + Mexica-Anahuaca Cosmovisión, Pedagogy and Language (Mapudungun + Nahuatl)

Dance and Performance Studies

Critical Ethnic Studies



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Marcelo Garzo Montalvo (he/they) is a musician, danzante (ceremonial dancer), and Ethnic Studies scholar-activist. He is a first-generation im/migrant of Mapuche, Chilenx and Spanish descent. Their teaching and research focus on comparative and critical Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Ethnic Studies and Dance and Performance Studies. They hold a B.A., M.A. and PhD in Comparative Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley. His dissertation, Mitotiliztli <——> Teochitontequiza: Danza as a Way of Knowing (2020), explores Anahuacan ceremonial dance (Danza Mexica-Azteca-Tolteca-Chichimeca) as an embodied form of Indigenous science, philosophy, art, spirituality and politics. His other fields of study include critical science and technology studies, decoloniality and social movements for food, healing, environmental and ecological justice.


Laura E. Pérez

Keith Feldman

Angela Marino (Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies)

Kim TallBear (University of Alberta, Native Studies)

Courses Taught or Assisted

ES159AC – The Southern Border

ES11AC – Theories and Concepts in Comparative Ethnic Studies

NASR1A – Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing through Native/Indigenous Literatures

ES10AC – A History of Race in the Western United States, 1598 – Present

ES21AC – Abolition Pedagogy and Practice

ENG35AC – Climate Change Fictions

ED98/VS198 – Heart-Mind, Meditation, and Spiritual Paths

CHICANO110 – Latinx Philosophy and Religious Thought