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Christian Paiz

Associate Professor

Comparative Ethnic Studies

Comparative Latino Studies, Historical Methods, Philippine and Filipino American Studies, Social Movement History, United States History



SSB 534

GSA OH: Mondays 12-2 pm (office)
OH: Tuesdays 2-4 pm

Bio & Research Interests

I am a U.S. labor historian with a focus on farmworker movements, inter-racial relations, and history methods. My book, The Strikers of Coachella: A Rank-and-File History of the UFW Movement (UNC, 2023), recounts the United Farm Worker movement through its farmworker members in California’s Coachella Valley. I draw from Latinx Studies, Asian American Studies, and US labor and social movement history. For recent articles, see “There is more to the recording: Oral histories and grief in the Coachella Valley” (Foundry, 2023) and “Essential Only as Labor: Coachella Valley Farm Workers during COVID-19″ (Kalfou, 2021).

Courses Taught

ES10AC: A history of race & ethnicity in western North America

ES190: Before Trump, there was California: A research seminar on Proposition 187

ES190: The politics and narratives of US social movements since World War II

ES190: The roots of California today: a history of social inequality and discontents, 1970 to present.

ES250: Inter-racial histories of the United States: methods and approaches

ES250: From borderlands to borders: a multi-racial history of the US/MX border

ES250: Relational Latinx Studies: new histories

ES375: Critical pedagogy

Media Coverage

New Books in Latinx Studies podcast:, Sept. 2023

Latinos In Depth podcast:, Feb. 2023

OC World: To Live for the Harvest, Feb. 2022

PBS, KQED: The Other Side of Coachella, Nov. 2018

The Strikers of Coachella: A Rank and File History of the UFW Movement

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