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New Book Release: Salar Mameni’s Terracene

Salar’s book Terracene

August 15, 2023

Salar Mameni’s Terracene: A Crude Aesthetics has just arrived from Duke University Press!

From the press: “In Terracene Salar Mameni historicizes the popularization of the scientific notion of the Anthropocene alongside the emergence of the global war on terror. Mameni theorizes the Terracene as an epoch marked by a convergence of racialized militarism and environmental destruction. Both the Anthropocene and the war on terror centered the antagonist figures of the Anthropos and the terrorist as responsible for epochal changes in the new geological and geopolitical world orders. In response, Mameni shows how the Terracene requires radically new engagements with terra (the earth), whose intelligence resides in matters such as oil and phenomena like earthquakes and fires. Drawing on the work of artists whose practices interrogate histories of settler-colonial and imperial interests in land and resources in Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Kuwait, Syria, Palestine, and other regions most affected by the war on terror, Mameni offers speculative paths into the aesthetics of the Terracene.”

Terracene is a beautiful, searing, path-breaching work of critical ethnic studies scholarship. A thousand congratulations on this sensational achievement, Salar!