POOR Magazine Presents: Degentrifying Academia from Huichin (Berkeley) to Lenape (Philly)

DegentrifyingAcademiaFlyer Wed, April 28, 2021, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Join us for a powerful panel of landless/houseless, indigenous, and disabled peoples and students from across Mama Earth speaking and teaching on the complicit and explicit roles that academic institutions play in gentrification, homelessness, and the removal and desecration of Land, Culture and Ancestors.

This panel will be on ZoomFeaturing:
* Corrina Gould (West Berkeley Shellmound)
* Tiny Gray-Garcia (Homefulness, Poet/Poverty Skola and daughter of Dee)
* Leroy Moore (Krip Hop Nation)
* Galen Tyler (Poor People’s Army)
* Huma Dar (Kashmiri scholar-activist)

Moderated by Fuifuilupe Niumeitolu (Tongan/Pacific Islander storyteller and scholar)

In loving collaboration with the UC Berkeley Multicultural Community Center and the Ethnic Studies Library.

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