Courses / Undergraduate

Fall 2020

  • Topics in Chicano Studies – “Latinx and the Environment”

    CHICANO 180.003 | CCN: 21325

    Federico Castillo

    M, W, F 2:00 - 2:59 pm 140 Barrows

    4 Units

    This course will review various theories that explore the relationship between environmental factors and socio-economic outcomes on the Latinx community.  In addition, the curse will use case studies to illustrate methodological approaches and topic specific impacts of environmental conditions on socioeconomic outcomes. Topics such as climate change adaptation, agricultural labor chemical exposure, access to clean water, the impact of education on environmental outcomes and others areas will be explored. Environmental equity and justice will permeate and are fundamentally integrated in all topics as they address the Latinx communities.  Invited guest speakers include researchers, policy makers and members of community-based organizations.