Courses / Graduate

Fall 2019

  • Research Seminar: Selected Issues and Topics—Disciplines/Governmentalities/Assemblages

    ETHSTD 250 001 | CCN: 24230

    Thomas Biolsi

    Tu 2:00 pm - 4:59 pm 104 Genetics & Plant Bio

    4 Units

    How do we theorize identity and resistance?  No one doubts that race, gender, sexuality, and class will continue to be key touchstones for making sense of both subject-formation and resistance to power.  But beyond these well accepted landmarks in theorizing the subject and power, this course examines “post-structural” theorizations of how the political or “responsiblized” subject emerges and takes action.  A range of theories will be considered, from Foucault’s thinking on discipline, governmentality, and biopower, to more recent theories of assemblage and actor-network, in which the subject emerges entangled with (and enabled by) “more-than-human” actors.  What to such approaches bring to light that was invisible in mainstream social (structural) theory, and what do these newer approaches perhaps risk leaving in the shadows?