Courses / Undergraduate

Fall 2020

  • Proseminar: Issues in the Fields of Ethnic Studies: Ethnicity and the Narrative – “Theorizing Poetic Embodiment and Narrativity”

    ETHSTD 103B | CCN: 33964

    Alan Pelaez Lopez

    M, W 5:00 - 6:29 pm 54 Barrows

    4 Units

    In this creative theory-writing workshop, we will be studying (with) contemporary poets who use their lived experiences and the life around them to craft theories about race, gender, Indigeneity, ethnicity, sexuality, sex, and sexual performances. We will not be reading traditional social and political theory. Instead, we will be reading poetry, witnessing visual, performance and sound art to ask: what theories are these cultural producers midwifing and/or extending? What are the narrative practices of each writer and how can we better engage them in the academy? As a class, we will be producing work in response to the theoretical conversations that the poets we study (with) propose. Students will produce 8 total poems and a theory statement accompanying their work.