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Jeffrey Yamashita

20th-century U.S. History, Asian American History, Racial Formations, Empire and Settler Colonialism, Gender and Sexuality

Bio & Research Interests

Jeffrey is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley. For the 2015-16 academic year, he is an Exchange Scholar in the Department of History at Cornell University under the mentorship of Dr. Derek Chang, Associate Professor of History and Director of Asian American Studies. 


Waldo E. Martin Jr.
Michael Omi
Catherine Ceniza Choy
Evelyn Nakano Glenn

Courses Taught or Assisted

2014-2015             Hampden-Sydney College                  Hampden-Sydney, VA

Visiting Instructor of Humanities and QEP Fellow

History 185, The "Other" U.S. War Hero: Constructions of a Heroic Ideal in the Modern Era, Spring 2015

Interdisciplinary Studies 285, Masculinities in Context, Spring 2015

History 285, A History of Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.: A Comparative Approach, Fall 2014

First-year Seminar, "Playing for Power": Masculinities and Athletics, Fall 2014

2014                      University of Hawai'i at Manoa            Honolulu, HI

Lecturer, Department of Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies 330, The Japanese in Hawai'i, Spring 2014

2013                      University of California, Berkeley        Berkeley, CA

Graduate Student Instructor, Department of Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies 10AC, A History of Race and Ethnicity in Western North America, Fall 2013

Select publications

Edited Books

Michael Omi, Jeffrey T. Yamashita and Dana Y. Nakano, eds. Japanese American Millennials: Rearticulating Generational Identity, Community, and Culture (Under consideration, Stanford University Press; Series: Asian America, Ed. Gordon H. Chang)

Encyclopedia Entries

“Daniel K. Inouye,” “Mike Masaoka.” Japanese Americans: The History and Culture of a People. Ed. Jonathan H.X. Lee and Dean Adachi (Santa Barbara: Greenwood) Under Review

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“Fort Snelling,” “Frank ‘Foo’ Fujita.” Densho Encyclopedia: The Japanese American Legacy Project. Ed. Brian Niiya (Seattle: Densho, 2014)

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