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Sarah Whitt

Native American and Indigenous Studies; Race and Representation; Cultural Imaginaries; Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies; Performance Theory

Bio & Research Interests

Sarah Whitt (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma) is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Comparative Ethnic Studies with a Designated Emphasis in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. 


Her dissertation examines two institutions— the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (1879-1918) and the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians (1902-1934)—that immobilized Indian people, empowered white American citizens, and engendered, maintained, or transformed dominant ideas about Indian “difference.” She investigates how the policies and practices of the Assimilation era (1879-1934) seized upon Indian people as difficult, different, or deviant, and consolidated disciplinary regimes out of which new terrains of race-based power struggle emerged in this era. 


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