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Keiko Yamanaka

Continuing Lecturer

Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies

Gender & generation, transnational migration in Asia



524 Barrows


Bio & Research Interests

I have taught in Asian American Studies since 1996.  My courses focused on gender and generation in Asian American families.  For more than ten years, my students wrote life history of Asian immigrant women and men by interviewing their loved ones.  The results have been fascinating accounts of the extraordinary life stories of ordinary women or men who immigrated to the United States from various Asian countries.  Their papers thus prove the intimate link between society and personal experience critical for an understanding of theory and practice.

My research on transnational communities and immigrant incorporation in Asia, especially my native country Japan, demonstrates the rapid change in demographics, immigration policy and civil actions for migrants’ rights in East Asia, the region known for restrictive border control.  My studies have founded the basis of my teaching in the courses not only in Asian American Studies but also Asian Studies where I lecture on immigration, citizenship and diaspora.