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Yu-Hui (Amy) Lin

Racialization and Identity Formations of Undocumented Asians in the U.S., Migration and Diaspora Studies, and Transnational Worker and Immigrant Justice Movements


Bio & Research Interests

Yu-Hui (Amy) is a first year doctoral student in the Ethnic Studies program. Amy's primary research interests include the process of racialization and the associated (im)mobility of undocumented Asians in the U.S.; migration and diaspora of Asian migrants, particularly through marriage and labor, within Asia and to the U.S.; transnational network of grassroots immigrant and worker justice movements; and constructs of illegality and criminality through immigration, detention, and deportation.


Amy graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in Political Science, and a minor in Labor and Workplace Studies, from University of California, Los Angeles.