Department of Ethnic Studies - College of Letters and Science - University of California, Berkeley

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Angela R. Aguilar

Race and Biomedicine; Politics of Health, Medicine, and the Body; Reproductive Justice; Embodied Epistemologies; Social Medicine; Traditional and Indigenous Healthcare

Bio & Research Interests

Angela is doctoral student in the Ethnic Studies program and a full-spectrum traditional birth worker.  Her research begins by interrogating what counts as medicine and medical knowledge and who can practice medicine and healthcare in the U.S. She positions teachings and practices about bodies, environment, and spirit emerging from U.S. third world feminist thought as upstream interventions to structural practices that maintain negative health outcomes in under-resourced communities. Angela is a recipient of the Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship and the UC Berkeley School of Public Health Fellowship. She is currently a Graduate Student in Residence at the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues and Berkeley Center for Social Medicine. She recently completed a Master in Public Health degree (2016) at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health and holds a Master of Arts degree in Ethnic Studies (2013). 


Ula Taylor (African American Studies) Charles Briggs (Anthropology)
Laura E. PĂ©rez

Courses Taught or Assisted

Lead Instructor

Summer 2016. "Research Writing Through Turtle Island Feminisms," Native American Studies R1B: Reading and Composition. 

Summer 2014. "Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing: Race in the Americas," Native American Studies R1A: Reading and Composition. 

Summer 2013. "Indigenous Knowledges and Philosophies in Practice," Native American Studies R1B: Research Writing. 

Fall 2012 / Spring 2013 "Historytelling in the Americas," Native American Studies R1A: Reading and Composition. 

Graduate Student Instructor 

Spring 2014. Asian American Studies R2A: Reading and Composition. 

Spring 2012. Asian American Studies R2A: Reading and Composition. 

Fall 2011. Chicano Studies 50: Introduction to Chicano History. 

Graduate Student Reader

Spring 2016. Chicano Studies 20: Chicano Culture