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Margaret Rhee is a doctoral candidate in Ethnic Studies with a designated emphasis in New Media Studies.  With Isela González, she co-leads From the Center, a feminist collective that aims to provide digital media education for women inside and outside the jail setting as authors, directors, and storytellers of their own lives. website: In addition to her feminist scholarly and advocacy work, she writes poetry.


  • Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies with designated emphasis in New Media,  University of California, Berkeley, 2014 (expected)
  • M.A. Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University, 2013 (expected)
  • Thesis: “Man Made:” Deconstructing Media Representations of the Virginia Tech Tragedy”
  • MA in Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley, 2010
  • B.A. Creative Writing and English, University of Southern California, 2005
  • McNair Scholars Thesis: “KoreAm Journal and Korean American Cultural Attitudes on Same Sex Sexuality”

Research interests

Human/Machine, Robotic Art, Racial Theory, Critical and Queer Theory, Feminist Digital Learning, New Media Studies, Korean Diaspora Studies, History of Technology, Contemporary Poetry, Creative Writing, and Translation


Asian American Reading and Composition, Ethnic Literature, Queer Theories/ActivistPractices, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Feminist Digital Storytelling, and Latino Film.

Selected publications


Book Chapters

Margaret Rhee, “Intimacy in Three Acts.” In The Classroom in the Age of Wikipedia, edited by Nishant Shah and David Theo Goldberg. Irvine, CA: University of California Humanities Research Institute, forthcoming (2014).

Margaret Rhee and Isela González, “From the Center: Implementing Digital Storytelling and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education for Incarcerated Women.” In Feminist Cyberspaces: Pedagogies in Transition, edited by Carolyn Bitzer, Sharon Collingwood, Alvinia Quintana, and Caroline Smith, 5169. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012.

Margaret Rhee and Grace Yoo, “Marrying Korean: A Study of Korean American Second and 1.5 Generation Negotiations on Marriage.” In Koreans in America: History, Identity and Community, edited by Grace Yoo, 149155. San Diego: Cognella Academic Publishing, 2012.

Margaret Rhee, “‘Chink,’ ‘Chinaman,’ and ‘Celestial’: Inhumanity in Crash.” In Crash Course: Reflections on the Film Crash for Critical Dialogues About Race, Power and Privilege, Michael Benitez Jr. and Felicia Gustin, 41–46. Emeryville: Institute for Democratic Education and Culture, 2007.


Margaret Rhee, Isela González, Kate Monico Klein, and Allyse Gray, “‘It’s your story too’: Reconsidering Feminism, HIV/AIDS, and the Digital Divide.” In Fembot: Feminism, New Media, Science and Technology, edited by Carol Stabile and Kim Shawtuck (January 11, 2013). and-the-digital-divide/

Margaret Rhee, “Process Profile: Margaret Rhee Discusses ‘Materials’.” In Lantern Review, edited by Iris Law. (May 23, 2012). rhee-discusses-materials/

Margaret Rhee. “The Meaning of Smog: Fragmented Reflections on Translation from a Korean Diasporic Subject.” In Doveglion Press, edited by Barbara Jane Reyes and Oscar Bermeo (May 9, 2011). on-translation-from-a-korean-diasporic-subject-2/

Republished in On the Endless Horizon: A Poet’s Field Guide to Literary Translation, edited by Karen Lee and Ron Paul Salutsky. New York: W.W. Norton (Under review, 2014).

Jessica Fields, Isela González, Kathleen Hentz, Margaret Rhee, and Catherine White, “Learning From and With Incarcerated Women: Emerging Lessons from a Participatory Action Study of Sexuality Education.” Sexuality Research and Social Policy 5, no. 2 (2008): 71–84.

Margaret Rhee, “Towards Community: KoreAm Journal and Korean American Cultural Attitudes on Same-Sex Marriage.” In “Asian Americans and the Marriage Equality Debate,” edited by Amy Sueyoshi and Russell Leong, special issue, Amerasia Journal 32, no. 1 (2006): 75–88.

Edited Volumes

Britney Cooper and Margaret Rhee, eds. “Hacking the (Black/White) Binary.” Special Issue, Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology (forthcoming, November 2014).

Book Reviews

Margaret Rhee. Review of LGBT Transnational Identity and the Media, edited by Christopher Pullen. In Cinema Journal, Special Issue on Queer New Media (forthcoming, 2014). Invited.

Margaret Rhee. Review of Inhuman Citizenship: Traumatic Enjoyment and Asian American Literature, by Juliana Chang. In Asian American Literature: Discourses and Pedagogies 4 (2013): 79–82.

Margaret Rhee. Review of Memory Cards, by Susan Shultz. In TAB: The Journal of Poetics and Poetry 1, no. 8 (2013): 19–20.

Margaret Rhee. Review of “Race And/as Technology, Or How To Do Things To Race,” by Wendy Hui Kyong Chun. In ”HASTAC Distributed Book Review of Race After the Internet,” edited by LisaNakamura and Peter Chow-White, 2012.

Margaret Rhee. Review of North of Empire: Cultural Technologies of Space, by Jody Berland. In The Information Society: An International Journal 28, no. 5 (2012): 350–352.


Margaret Rhee, Love, Robot. Full-length manuscript, in progress.

Margaret Rhee, School of Dreams. Full-length manuscript, under review.

Margaret Rhee, Yellow. Chapbook. Honolulu, HI: Tinfish Press, 2011.

Individual poems published in Berkeley Poetry Review, Lantern Review, Kartika Reviews, Comma, Poetry, Hyphen Magazine, Feminist Wire, and other publications.

Anthologies and Journals

Co-editor, A Handbook of Kundiman Asian American Poetry, with Sarah Gambito, Oliver de la Paz, Monica Ong Reed, and Timothy Yu (in progress).

Managing Editor, Mixed Blood: A Journal on Innovative Poetics and Race, UC Berkeley, 2012– 2013.

Co-editor, Glittertongue: Queer and Trans Love Poems (, 2012.

Co-editor, Here is a Pen: An Anthology of West Coast Kundiman Poets. Berkeley Achiote Press, 2009.


Honors & Awards

Honorable Mention, Foundations for Change Thomas I. Yamashita Prize, University of California, Berkeley 2013

Center for Race and Gender Research Grant, University of California, Berkeley 2013

Dean’s Summer Research Grant, University of California, Berkeley 2013

New Media Studies Summer Research Grant, University of California, Berkeley 2013

Ethnic Studies Summer Research Grant, University of California, Berkeley 2012

Koret Foundation Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley 2011

Dean’s Normative Time Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley 2011

Gender and Science Summer Research Grant, University of California, Berkeley 2011

University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) Scholarship, UCHRI 2011

GSI Course Improvement Grant, University of California, Berkeley 2011

Graduate Division Summer Research Grant, University of California, Berkeley 2011

Outstanding GSI Award, University of California, Berkeley 2011

Chancellor’s Public Fellow, University of California, Berkeley 2010

HASTAC Fellows Program in New Media, Duke University 2009–2012

Chancellor’s Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley 2008–2013

Graduate Recognition Award, San Francisco State University 2008

Honorable Mention, Sally Casanovas Pre-doctoral Program 2007

McNair Scholars Program, University of Southern California 2004

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