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Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Professor

Ethnic Studies Department, Asian American Studies

Office: 566 Barrows
Email: englenn@berkeley.edu
Office hours: Thurs 2-3:30, 640 Barrows

Web site: http://crg.berkeley.edu

Having recently completed a book on one of my long time concerns, racialized and gendered care labor,  I am taking up two new projects, one on how immigrant activists are challenging dominant conceptions of citizenship and belonging  and another on theorizing and studying race/gender/class intersectionality. 



Ph.D., Harvard University
B.A. University of California, Berkeley

Research interests

Comparative historical studies of race, gender and class and their intersections in relation to immigration, labor markets, and citizenship. Uncovering the connections among social structure, cultural discourse, and everyday experience.


AAS 150.  Gender and Generation in Asian American Families
AAS 151.  Asian American Women: Theory and Experience.
ES 230.  Comparative Theories and Methods
ES 203.  Social Structures: Contemporary Theories and Methods
GWS 139.  Women and Work
GWS 101.  Doing Feminist Research

Courses in 2010-11  ES 250. Theorizing and Doing Intersectionality

Selected publications

Forced to Care:  Coercion and Caregiving in America, Harvard University Press, 2010.

Shades of Difference: Why Skin Color Matters (ed.) Stanford University Press, 2009

Unequal Freedom:  How Race and Gender Shaped American Citizenship and Labor (Cambridge, MA:  Harvard University Press, 2002)

Mothering: Ideology, Experience and Agency, Evelyn N. Glenn, Grace Chang and Linda Forcey, eds. (New York: Routledge, 1994)

Issei, Nisei, Warbride: Three Generations of Japanese American Women in Domestic Service (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1986)

Hidden Aspects of Women's Work, Christine Bose, Roslyn Feldberg, and Natalie Sokoloff with the Women and Work Research Group, eds. (New York: Praeger, 1987)

Honors & Awards

2009-2010 President, American Sociological Association

2007 Feminist Lecturer for Outstanding Feminist Sociology, Sociologists for Women in Society
2005 Jessie Bernard Award, American Sociological Association
2004 Outstanding Book Award, American Sociological Association Section on Asia and Asian America
2004 Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Award, Pacific Sociological Association
2003 Oliver Cromwell Cox Award, American Sociological Association Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities



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Berkeley, CA 94720-2570
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