Khatharya Um, Associate Professor

Ethnic Studies Department, Asian American Studies

Office: 568 Barrows
Phone: 642-2199
Office hours: TBA

The politics of memory and commemoration in post conflict communities. Access, Equity and Inclusion of language minority students.


Ph.D. (Political Science) 1990, University of California, Berkeley
M.A. (Political Science) 1983, University of California, San Diego
B.A. (Political Science) 1982, University of California, San Diego

Research interests

Southeast Asian and Southeast Asian American Studies, refugee migration, transnational and diaspora studies, post-colonial, conflict and post conflict studies and genocide studies, access and education of racialized minorities in American public schools


AAS 20.  Introduction to Asian American Histories and Communities
AAS 125.  Critical Issues in Southeast Asian American Communities
AAS 126.  US Refugee Policies and Southeast Asian Resettlement and Community Formation
AAS 130.  US-Asia Foreign Relations and Asian American Communities
ES 202.  Critical concepts, Theories and Approaches in the Social Sciences
Special Topics Courses
AAS 190.  Southeast Asia in Regional, Global and Transnational Contexts
ES 250.  Theories, Approaches and Critical Issues in Comparative Migration Studies

Courses in 2009-10
Fall: AAS 126. US Refugee Policies and Southeast Asian Resettlement and Community Formation
Spring: AAS 125. Critical Issues in Southeast Asian American Communities
ES 240. Concepts and Theories in Transnational Studies

Selected publications

"Cambodia 2007: A Decade After the Coup," Southeast Asian Affairs Spring 2008

"Diasporic Nationalism and Citizenship," Refuge, 23:2, 2006

"Political Remittances: Diasporas In Conflict and Post-conflict Situations" in Hazel Smith and Paul Stares (eds), Diasporas in Conflict: Peace-makers or peace wreckers? Washington DC: United Nations University Press, 2006

"Refractions of Home: Exile, Memory and Diasporic Longing" in Leakthina Tollier and Timothy Winter Expressions of Cambodia: The Politics of Tradition, Identity and Change (Routledge, 2006)

"The 'Vietnam War': What's In a Name." Amerasia, 31:2, 2005, Museum of California, 2005

"Locating the 'Vietnam War': A Critical Re-Examination of US History," online curriculum, Museum of California, 2005


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