Core faculty

Tom Biolsi, Professor
Native American Studies
Research interests: Native Americans and other indigenous peoples; political economy; race-making and racisms
Catherine Ceniza Choy, Professor and Department Chair
Asian American Studies
Research interests: Asian American history, Philippine and Filipino American studies, adoption studies, nursing history, immigration history
Raúl Coronado, Associate Professor
Chicano/Latino Studies
Research interests: The comparative history of writing in the colonial and 19th century Americas; Latina/o intellectual & literary history; theories of modernity & postcolonialism; histories of sexuality & of the academic disciplines
Keith P. Feldman, Assistant Professor
Ethnic Studies
Research interests: Comparative Ethnic Studies; Theories of Race and Ethnicity; Cultures of the African, Arab, and Jewish Diasporas; Visual Culture Studies; 19th and 20th century U.S. Popular Culture; U.S. in the World; Postcolonial Theory; Critical Theory; Public Humanities
Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Professor
Asian American Studies
Research interests: Comparative historical studies of race, gender and class and their intersections in relation to immigration, labor markets, and citizenship. Uncovering the connections among social structure, cultural discourse, and everyday experience.
Ramón Grosfoguel, Associate Professor
Chicano/Latino Studies
Shari Huhndorf, Professor and Department Chair
Ethnic Studies, Native American Studies
Research interests: Interdisciplinary Native American studies, literary and visual culture, cultural studies, gender studies, American studies
Elaine H. Kim, Professor
Asian American Studies
Research interests: Asian American literary and cultural studies, Korean American Studies, Asian and Asian American Feminist Studies
Beatriz Manz, Professor
Chicano/Latino Studies
Research interests: Latin America, peasantry, migrations, social movements, human rights, political/social/ethnic conflict.
David Montejano, Professor
Ethnic Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies
Research interests: Comparative and Historical Sociology; Political Sociology; Social Change; Development; Race and Ethnic Relations; Community Studies; Ethnographic and Historical Methods
Michael Omi, Associate Professor
Asian American Studies
Research interests: Racial theory and politics, racial/ethnic classification and the census, Asians Americans and racial stratification, and racist and anti-racist social movements.
Laura Elisa Pérez, Associate Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies; Core Faculty, Doctoral Program in Performance Studies; Affiliated Faculty, Department of Women’s Studies and Center for Latin American Studies.
Chicano/Latino Studies,
Research interests: Post-sixties U.S. Latina/o literary, visual, and performance arts; U.S. women of color"/"third world" feminist, queer, decolonial thought; art and spirituality; racialization n cultural politics of the artworld(s); cultural st.
Beth H. Piatote, Associate Professor
Native American Studies
Research interests: Native American literature, history, law and culture; Native American/Aboriginal literature and federal Indian law in the United States and Canada; American literature and cultural studies; Ni:mi:pu: (Nez Perce) language and literature
Alex M. Saragoza, Associate Professor
Chicano/Latino Studies
Research interests: Historical interface between processes of racialization and inequity in Latin America, especially Mexico and Cuba, and their intersections with immigration to the USA
Lok Siu, Associate Professor
Asian American Studies,
Khatharya Um, Associate Professor
Asian American Studies
Research interests: Southeast Asian and Southeast Asian American Studies, refugee migration, transnational and diaspora studies, post-colonial, conflict and post conflict studies and genocide studies, access and education of racialized minorities in American public schools
Chris Zepeda-Millán, Assistant Professor
Ethnic Studies,
Research interests: Social movements, Immigration, Racialization, Identity Politics, and Interdisiplinary Research Methods

Emeritus faculty

Mario Barrera, Professor Emeritus
Patricia Penn Hilden, Professor Emerita
Ethnic Studies
Research interests: Native American history; the history of racialized communities in the U.S.; representation of racialized “others” in museums, exhibitions, travel writing; race, space, and gender in carceral institutions in the U.S.
Carlos Muñoz, Jr., Professor Emeritus
Chicano/Latino Studies, Ethnic Studies
Research interests: Social and Revolutionary Movements, African Presence in Mexico, U.S. Racial/Ethnic Politics
Ling-Chi Wang, Associate Professor Emeritus
Sau-ling Cynthia Wong, Professor Emerita
Asian American Studies,
Research interests: Anglophone and Sinophone Chinese American literatures; the Chinese diaspora; immigrant writing and film; transnational reception studies. Asian American literature: transnationality, globalization, and mobility; gender and sexuality; canon formation


JoEllen Anderson, Lecturer
Native American Studies,
Research interests: Tribal Histories, Native American Film & Literature, Contemporary Native Americans, Sociology of Culture
Greg Choy, Lecturer
Asian American Studies, Ethnic Studies,
Research interests: Comparative Multiethnic literature, Asian American literature, Education pedagogy
Lisa Hirai Tsuchitani, Lecturer
Asian American Studies,
Anna Leong, Lecturer
Asian American Studies
Research interests: Writing instruction, Asian American literature, Ethnic American literature
J. Diane Pearson, Lecturer
Native American Studies
Research interests: Peoplehood, indigeneity, survival and revised post-colonial histories guide my critical contributions to Native American Studies as a core discipline essential to the study of North America.
Celia Rodriguez, Lecturer
Chicano/Latino Studies


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