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Harvey Dong


Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies

History (Asian American, Chinese American), Contemporary Community Issues

1972. Bachelors of Arts, Economics, UC Berkeley

2002. PhD, Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley


  • 522 Barrows


Bio & Research Interests

Harvey Dong is interested in research and writing about the evolution of Asian American and Third World social movement activism on campus and in the communities. He was also involved in the I-Hotel History Committee to write a timeline history of struggle.  He teaches Asian American Studies at UC Berkeley and was awarded the 2016 American Cultures Ronald Takaki Teaching Award.  He uses his community work experience to bring life to his Asian American history, Chinese American history and Contemporary Issues course.  Many of his students have gone on to work in social justice causes.

Courses Taught

XASAMST 20A -- Asian American History

ASAMST 20B -- Contemporary Asian American Community Issues

ASAMST 20AC -- Asian American Community Issues and Race Relations

ASAMST 121 -- Chinese American History



Awards & Honors

2016 Ronald Takaki Teaching Award (American Cultures)