Department of Ethnic Studies - College of Letters and Science - University of California, Berkeley

Courses / Undergraduate

Fall 2018

CHICANO 130 001 | CCN: 20878

Mexican and Chicano Art History

Jesus V Barraza

W 3:00 pm - 5:59 pm Wheeler 120

3 Units


This course examines the body of contemporary Chicana/o artistic production, from mid-1960 to the 2000s, through an examination of the historical, aesthetic and philosophical foundations of Chicana/o art theory and practice. Tracing the inspirations of the Chicana/o Art Movement from Mexican and Latin American Modernism to understand how the development of Chicana/o art as a political, cultural, and social movement with a focus on the spiritual and philosophical concepts that laid ground for the Chicana/o Movimiento as a radical departure from Mexico’s Modernist Agenda.