Department of Ethnic Studies - College of Letters and Science - University of California, Berkeley

Courses / Graduate

Spring 2018

ETHSTD 250 001 | CCN: 32943

Research Seminar: Selected Issues and Topics---Religion, Race and Ethnicity

Carolyn Chen,

W 2:00 pm - 4:59 pm Dwinelle 104

4 Units


What does religion have to do with race and ethnicity? This course offers a social scientific examination of the relationship between religion, race, and ethnicity in the United States. Despite classical social theory’s predictions of their decline in modernity, religion and ethnicity continue to thrive and undergird some of the most significant racial, social, and political movements in contemporary society. In this course, we will look at the role of religion in the formation of racial and ethnic identities, communities and politics. And interrogate how religion informs racial regimes and categories. We will compare how different racial and ethnic experiences have created distinct traditions of white, black, Asian American, and Latino religion. And finally we will ask how the intersection of religion, race, and ethnicity shape notions of national belonging and citizenship.