Department of Ethnic Studies - College of Letters and Science - University of California, Berkeley

Courses / Undergraduate

Spring 2017

ETHSTD C181 | LEGALST C185, SOCWEL C185 | CCN: 34037


Keith Feldman, Tina Sacks, Jonathan Simon

4 Units


Taking a broad interdisciplinary approach, this course embraces the longue duree of critical prison studies, questioning the shadows of normality that cloak mass incarceration both across the globe and, more particularly, in the contemporary United States. This course thus explores a series of visceral, unsettling juxtapositions: "freedom" and "slavery"; "citizenship" and "subjugation"; "marginalization" and "inclusion", in each case explicating the ways that story making, political demagoguery, and racial, class, and sexual inequalities have wrought an untenable social condition.