Department of Ethnic Studies - College of Letters and Science - University of California, Berkeley

Courses / Graduate

Spring 2017

ETHSTD 250.001 | CCN: 31985

Who Are You?: The Ambiguities of Racial Classification & Identity

Michael Omi,

4 Units


While the prevailing racial ideology of colorblindness exhorts us to “get beyond race" and abandon identity politics, we continue to be mired in debates regarding why, when, and where individuals and groups are racially classified.  At stake is not only how people are racially classified, but the meanings we attach to racial categories and the impact those categories have on range of policies and practices.  Equally important to discern is how individuals and groups assert, embrace, challenge, reject, and negotiate different racial categories and identities.  This seminar surveys these issues by looking at state and legal definitions of race, “mixed race” identities, how race travels across national boundaries, and emergent concepts of race in the genomic sciences.